When life is busy blogging becomes difficult

Apr 5, 2013


The title of this blog post should be pretty obvious to most. As a social media consultant I spend my time telling my clients to do certain things. I expect regular social media posts, blogs, and engagement. Basically all of the things that I don’t do myself. In an effort to prevent the do what I say not what I do scenario I will be posting much shorter than average blog posts. I’m finding that balancing work, school, family, church, and my business is leaving me with little time for the things that make me a good social media example. Some people may see me as more well rounded (there’s a funny in there given my current weight) because I don’t spend as much time on social media, but I know that it’s important if I’m to be relevant and credible when I go speak to new and existing clients.

What do you do to ensure that you are blogging regularly?

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