The Importance of Email Marketing

Jun 10, 2011


Today I attended a seminar about email and social marketing (basically the same thing…but I’ll get into that later). First of all it was facilitated by a truly talented presenter Dana Pethia who really understands what it means to be a Trust Agent. Second, and I say this only because I don’t want you to think I’m endorsing anything, it was sponsored by Constant Contact. 
On to the topic at hand though. Dana presented a ton of information that was incredibly helpful to small businesses that are intimidated by email marketing and social media. The great part about her presentation was that she managed to present all of the information without overwhelming people. Of the topics covered she started on  email marketing. Email marketing is still one of the best ways to keep your company on the top of your customers minds. Even with 700 million Facebook users email is still used by more people. This means that it had better be part of your marketing mix. Emails can be used for many things. You can divide your customers in to groups based on any demographic you have collected about your email list. This means that you can target groups more precisely and give them the exact content that will most appeal to them and ultimately capitalize on that targeting at a higher rate than you would with broad broadcasting like most other social media. It is this combined with the fact that emails are relatively easy to share that make this such an important part of your marketing plan. So if you haven’t been collecting emails now is the time to start. As you do so try and collect as much information about those emails as you possibly can. Your spreadsheet may be huge and the information may seem overwhelming but with a little effort up front the returns could be astonishing. 

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