Social Media Basic Training Package

Sep 2, 2012

Social media basic training is for those who have spent little time on Facebook, have no idea what Twitter is, and are completely ignorant of what it means to pin on a pinboard. For most businesses this package is a great way to get started and to have a baseline knowledge that will help them feel more comfortable with social media and how best to interact with marketing companies, employees, and even how to get started with their first social interactions.

All social media basic training is based on on-site training at a rate of $50/hr*.  Determination of time spent on training will be discussed during the first free hour of all consultations. The basic training package includes basic training on the social networks that the client would like to learn about. This training starts with discussion and application of the following:

  • how to use
  • common terms
  • industry trends

Social Media Basic Training is available for the following networks:

For those who feel they have graduated to bigger and better things within the networks that they wish to learn there is the Advanced Social Media Training as well as the Continued Support Plan which will help the business owner or responsible person better navigate the social jungle with effectiveness and fewer costly errors. From developing campaigns and strategy, to learning how to use all the tools more efficiently graduates of the social media basic training will be well served by the other services cnctNOW offers.

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