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How it works

Your customers know your voice. They know you like they know their family. Social media is an extension of that relationship. CnctNOW works to make sure that your voice is presented to those important “family” members. To achieve this we spend time learning about your business and getting to know the culture that makes your business unique.

That process begins with an intake survey that will seek to understand what makes your voice stand out in a crowd. 

It continues with research and analysis of your existing social media efforts and where none are present it is an analysis of your customers. 

These efforts culminate in a 3 month trial period where we set objectives for social media growth and return on investment. When these goals are met we know that the voice is right. If the goals are not met there is no obligation to continue, but we will give a free month of management to try and get it right or allow for a transition. 

Social media advertising is no longer an option. It is now a necessity to reach new, targeted customers in a hurry.

Free social media reach and influence is quickly becoming a casualty of the algorithm. In order to leverage the power of social networks you now need to purchase access to your customers from the platforms that they occupy. 

Learning the powerful tools for social media advertising is a daunting task. Bringing in an expert is not only affordable but profitable. That’s where cnctNOW enters the scene. 


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