Sales & Payments

Thryv’s® Sales combines Estimates, Invoices, Bookings, 

Online Payments and Mobile QuickPay 

to help you run your business more efficiently.

Know how much money you have, when it’s coming and 
where it’s going, 24/7 from any device.

Estimates, Invoices & Bookings

Sending online estimates and invoices helps you get paid 

quicker and easier than ever before.

Allow your customers to pay you online, from any device, at any time.

Here’s why you need it:

  • Quick and easy anytime, anywhere
  • Create, send and manage from any device
  • Everything is in one place
  • Instantly get notified when customers approve your estimates
  • Download, print, or change at any time

Here’s what you get :

  • Get customers the information they need and when they want it
  • Quickly create and send estimates for a service or product in one easy step
  • Sending an invoice after the job is complete helps you get paid faster
  • You’ll know when your customers’ payments are coming in or if they’re pending

Online Payments

Why Thryv Online Payment and Mobile QuickPay?

Quick and Easy

Anytime, Anywhere

Create and Send

Manage from any device

Everything in one place

Track your payment status

Accept payments through online Bookings & Events

Thryv Rates are Competitively Priced.

Starting at 2.6% + $.10 per/transaction, as low as 2.2% based on volume. 1 Flat Rate. Every Transaction. Every Card. No Exceptions.

Mobile QuickPay

Mobile QuickPay utilizes your smartphone to instantly scan credit cards to deliver the quickest and most efficient payment method possible.

Partnered with a no monthly fee Square®, Stripe®, Braintree/PayPal® or PayPal® account, Mobile QuickPay allows you and your clients to process credit cards faster and easier then ever before at extremely competitive rates.

Get Paid Faster

Making it easier to collect payments and increase your steady cashflow.

Get Paid Anywhere

Mobile iOS eliminates unreliable card swipers and manual credit card input fees.

No Hidden Fees

Know what you are paying, no hidden fees, teaser rates or volume rates.

Safe and Secure

Transactions with fraud protection, PCI compliance backed by trusted partners.

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