I got the job!

Feb 15, 2013


I got the job!!! This news may be a little weird to find on my business blog post but it’s important news for the future of cnctNOW.¬†It has, as yet, not become a full-time family wage job. Mid-October I was laid off a good and fun job with a media company due to some restructuring. I have been "unemployed" since then and cnctNOW has been a focus as a potential income replacing venture even while being fiscally responsible by keeping my paid advertising to a minimum and thus stunting some of the growth potential. I have been actively seeking alternative jobs since I was informed of the restructuring. Those efforts finally bore fruit today.

This is not the end…just a different beginning

cnctNOW is part of my life and will remain part of my life from now until I hang up my hat for good. A new job does not mean my¬†entrepreneurial¬†ambitions are dead…simply better funded. I will make more of an effort to expand my business in smart if limited ways. I will be more exclusive with my clients, but better able to handle their various requests as my client list will be smaller. I look forward to acquiring new business and professional relationships with clients and otherwise. If you would still like to employ my experience you can still contact me with your needs and I will very likely be able to accept your business as a client. This is not the end…just a different beginning.

Keep reading

I will continue to develop new and relevant content on this blog and news items on my personal and professional life will be littered across the posts over time. I hope you will continue to read these posts and engage with them in any way you feel comfortable. I look forward to even deeper engagement and broader relationships with all of my readers and the new readers that will surely come over time.

Thank you.

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