How can social media help my company?

Jan 4, 2012


"SocialSo you’ve heard of "tweets" and Facebook and it seems like everyone has a Facebook or some other social-media "page".  It’s confusing and seems like a fad.  Should you get involved or just put your money and time into more tried and true marketing?  Where do you go for real answers?  There are lots of answers to these questions and many of them are time consuming or expensive.  The worst of them are both time consuming and expensive.  The right answers are neither expensive nor time consuming.

Frequently businesses are hiring young people that they perceive as more informed about social media. Social media is important enough that it shouldn’t just be delegated to someone who happens to have a Facebook profile.  Social media consulting is a new field and in many ways is undefined.  It’s important that you find a trustworthy company to define how they can help you with social media.  To learn how cnctNow defines social media consulting click here
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