Google Helpouts turns Hangouts into Money Maker

Nov 9, 2013

Google Helpouts is a new product that monetizes Google+ for businesses, individuals, and of course Google. Leveraging the most unique element of Google+, the Hangout, Google Helpouts are a way to find help with everything from cooking to computers. This platform is going to create a ton of businesses and open the world to the power and utility of Google+. Using Google Helpouts is an easy way to find a resource that will help you do almost anything. From fixing your computer to teaching you how to make a perfect omelette the possibilities are seemingly limitless.

Businesses that have the bandwidth to offer services through this service will find it an easy way to grow reputation and customer base. I personally am looking forward to using this to help businesses with their social media posts and even content creation. The following video, found on Google Helpouts website, really says so much more than I can in a simple blog post. I encourage you to check out the site and learn how your business can incorporate this into their revenue stream and how it might help your business grow by employing other talented and passionate service providers.

Google charges a small fee (20%) for managing the transaction and ensuring the payment system is operating smoothly. Currently transactions are completed through Google Wallet and outside collection services are not allowed. This is to prevent misuse and abuse by people trying to scam users of the Helpouts system. The long term effectiveness of this platform will depend on the services offered, the quality of the interactions, and the breadth of users. As Google+ becomes a household name and finds itself being used by all demographics Helpouts will become an essential tool for countless people trying to learn new things.

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