Google+ Hangouts Gets Important New Tool: Showcase App

Jul 28, 2014

Google+ is not dead…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In fact Google+ and all of it’s many facets is a constant source of innovation and integration. A very recent example of this innovation is the addition of the Showcase App for Google+ Hangouts. The Showcase App allows you to add links and their preview to the right hand side of a Hangout.

Here is an early example of what that looks like:


So what’s the big deal?

Why am I geeking out and proclaiming the revolution of social media over such a mundane addition? The answer is in the possibilities. This feature will create a whole new set of engagement models. I’m imagining niche Home Shopping Networks that have the benefit of social and the ease of shopping directly from the hangout. I’m imagining auctions being done virtually over this system. I’m imagining training sessions and book readings, and affiliate unboxings that have links to a shop. Let your imagination run wild. Showcase App for Google+ Hangouts is really a marvel. I encourage you to check out the video linked from the image above and also the hangout that I learned of this embedded post below.

I’d really like to hear what you plan on doing with this new app. I hope to be putting this app to use in the very near future. Use the comments section below to give me your thoughts on this new tool and tell me if I’m cracked for being so enthusiastic about it.

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