Facebook Instagram marriage: What it means for business pages

Apr 10, 2012


Facebook paid an unbelievable price for the very popular Instagram app. The insane price tag makes the purchase worth more than the venerable New York Times. For the users of both Facebook and Instagram this is big news. Many people are already concerned about the potential privacy concerns from the deal.
I spend my time and efforts in analyzing the effects things like this have on businesses. Small businesses with a strong social media presence already know the power of an image in their posts. If Facebook integrates the editing capacity or tools of Instagram into the photo sharing functions the added layer of story telling would be a boon for businesses and create an opportunity to add the type of flavor that is so important to making a human experience on social media.
Social media managers (i.e. business owners) will be able to use the filters to create engaging images that give audiences a little more story than they would otherwise get from a straight photo from a camera. The integration, if it happens, will be important in helping streamline the posting of images as well.

Facebook Instagram Pitfalls

The potential pitfalls from this marriage will be that Facebook becomes an overbearing owner and ruins an embryonic social platform that has a rabid fan base. By alienating the fan base Facebook could create damage to a fan base that is important to your business. The lesson from this purchase: build a fast growing app that will be purchased by Facebook. The other lesson: Take advantage of all the tools at your disposal.

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