Facebook Contests

Dec 30, 2011

My wife is participating in a Facebook contest that I thought was creative and effective. Today I started a contest with a friend of mine who owns a marketing and design firm. We are trying to see who can reach 600 fans first. This got me to thinking about contests in general on Facebook. I find that many of the contests are not well thought out and that they frequently ignore the most important part of any social media and that is interaction between the interested parties and the community that of which they are apart. 

Contests in general should give a page owner a reason to interact with their fans and a reason for their fans to interact not only with them but with the community as a whole. This isn’t an easy thing to create but it’s not impossible either. Think outside of the box. Give people a reason to be part of the community rather than a passive consumer of your page status. 

While I’m at it I’ll just ask anyone who reads this to please go click "Like" on my Facebook page and help me reach 600.  https://www.facebook.com/cnctnow

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