Employee Social Media Training

Oct 24, 2012


Your employees are on social media at home, the coffee shop, the break room, and even while working. Not a single one of those is a problem if you have a policy and training in place to ensure your business is safe. cnctNOW is offering Employee Social Media Training to all sizes of business. This training is intended to help your staff understand the tools at their disposal. Help them understand how to keep business and real life separate, and more importantly how to keep from being fired. Social media policies in the work place are a tricky subject because many people think, and rightly so, that their social media posts are theirs and should not be considered "job related". Employee social media training can help avoid the problems that come from overly burdensome policies that engender animosity and fear that every word is being monitored. In fact social media training for your employees can create your best advocates and help grow your audience.

Why employees need social media training

Your employees are your most valuable asset. They are the resource that can make or break your company. If they are working for you instead of against you on social media they will be all the more valuable. Many of your employees know how to post information to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and many other social media websites. It’s easy and has become part of their everyday routine. What many of your employees don’t know is how to manage privacy, what information is sensitive, and how to separate business communication from personal communication. Furthermore they may not understand how their personal privacy settings and their posts can influence your business. Training your employees about all of the social media tools at their disposal and helping them understand the pitfalls of certain public posts will give your employees a sense of ownership in your business. As they understand the business impacts of their social posts they may be more inclined to be proactive in promoting the business is useful ways.

 Do I still need a social media policy?

Yes! Of course you need a social media policy. The advantages to using training in conjunction with an open and fair social media policy is that your employees will be more inclined to share honestly and responsibly if they know the business impacts of their posts. By creating a cooperative social media environment you have the benefit of growing your business in real ways.

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