Branding, image, and social media

Nov 30, 2012


Branding, image and social media have an inseparable connection to each other. The design and message of your brand is what makes you unique and gives your audience something to identify with. Your brand image and social image should be coordinated. Just like you should avoid wearing argyle socks with corduroy shorts you should avoid creating a clashing image for your brand while using social media. If your brand image represents a high end luxury item then your social media should match the image.

Corduroy shorts and argyle socks

I thought I was onto something when I stumbled upon the corduroy shorts and long argyle socks look. I thought perhaps if I wore it loud and proud that perhaps my confidence would make the "skater/golfer hybrid" look work for me. Needless to say this was a short lived effort. It became apparent that my confidence was misplaced and that I would gain more traction if I just went with normal clothes like everyone else.

The lesson is not to be like everyone else. The lesson is that corduroy and argyle don’t fit together. It’s like wearing a red and white sequin gown to a funeral…you stand out but not in a good way. Good branding starts with finding the right image for the audience. Which means that you need someone with mad design skills and a solid background in identifying a strong appearance for your brand. Basically you don’t hire someone like me (remember argyle socks and corduroy?) to create your brand image.

Be yourself and fashionable

So we’ve established me as a bad example of fashion and image creation. Now we need to identify who can help you get on the right track with your look. Who can make you stand out without being an eyesore? I’ve recently met with Marie at Bean Sprout Marketing and Public Relations and found someone who would never wear corduroy shorts with argyle socks. These guys have a really good eye for making a statement without making a mistake. They are passionate about finding the right look and feel and aren’t afraid of researching just what will make the most impact. If you’re thinking of rebranding, or just want to make sure you start on the right foot I encourage you to give these guys a shot.

Social media

So after you’ve become the fashionable version of yourself you now can get to work on getting out in the public. Once you’ve removed the barriers like my unfortunate fashion statement, you can begin to spread your message without reservation. You’ve got an identity, a look that separates you from the crowd without being offensive or creepy, and now you can be social without embarrassment. I grew out of my argyle and corduroy stage and while I may not always be fashionable (I’m wearing track pants with slippers and a hoodie right now) I know how I want to be seen in public. Get on all your social channels and be proud of your look, your self, and the company you’ve created.


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