Big Changes with New Year 2014

Dec 23, 2013

"new-years-background2014"CnctNow is a fun business and I have a lot of opportunity to work with fantastic businesses and organizations. In the new year cnctNOW is getting a face lift online and new service offerings. This year has been a banner year with new clients and tons of growth for the business and clients.

Looking forward it is more clear that cnctNOW is so much more than just social media consulting. While cnctNOW is just a short way of saying Connect Now we’re going to make more of those connections and improve the breadth of what we do for clients.

You may have noticed that I keep referring to cnctNOW as "we" when the business is really just "me". I’m a one man show…except that I’m not. I have a family and in particular I have a wife. The "we" in cnctNOW includes her as my support and my helper. Essentially, cnctNOW doesn’t exist without her. In the new year, however, I’m going to put her to work even more. She’s going to be helping me make even better use of my time and help me reach more clients. I hope that you’ll get to know her through me and perhaps in person over the course of the year.

Look for more blogs, more videos, more advice, and just more. While 2013 goes out with a bang 2014 roars in not to be out done.

Happy New Year one and all.

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