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Jan 4, 2012

"DSC00256"How does one become a social media consultant? The process begins with a passion for social media and teaching and ends with a lot of trial and error. But my journey to becoming a social media consultant isn’t really a story about me because I’m so much more than the social media world. Which is to say that I have a life outside of the virtual worlds.

First and most importantly I am a father to six incredible children and a husband to a patient wife. We are what you might call your typical suburban family…particularly when we’re riding around in our Suburban. We love the Tri-Cities and enjoy the family friendly nature of the area. To that end I have decided to do what I can in the Tri-Cities to build the local businesses. 
I live in Kennewick Washington and have lived in the Tri-Cities for the last 24 years. I graduated from Washington State University Tri-Cities in December of 2008 with a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and a second major in Digital Technology and Culture. The combined effect of the two majors is what I would call an equivalent to a Communications degree plus some.

I received my Masters of Business Administration with a focus on Management and Strategy from Western Governors University Washington. This experience and education make me a uniquely qualified social media consultant as I gain the necessary understanding needed for successful business management and the strategies that enable that success.

Many years of sales experience have given me a unique perspective on business. This hard earned knowledge is something that can’t be bought in the form of a degree. Having worked in customer service and being the proverbial face of a company I understand the balance required to give your customers what they want and still make your business work. The connection we have with our customers is changing. I think it’s important to understand those changes and act on them in an informed way. Fill out the form below to get more details on how I can help your company get informed and cnctNow.

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