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Long Story Short

Everything begins and ends with passion. From the halcyon days of MySpace to the powerful platforms of today, I have been through them all. I love what social media means…connecting people regardless of distance. It is the great equalizer. It gives everyone equal voice. A small business can level the advantage of the big-box store by communicating directly with customers and building loyalty. This is what makes me so passionate about social media.

At cnctNOW LLC we are bringing the “Cheers Philosophy” to social media for our clients. We want everybody to know your name. We’re breaking down the stodgy walls of B2B and B2C and replacing them with the H2H or Human to Human handshake. The long lost days of neighborhoods and community have a new home and social media is the roof that covers it all.

Ben Anderson is the CEO of cnctNOW LLC. He has a MBA in Management and Strategy and has been consulting and training clients since 2011. He is a father to 6 beautiful children and the husband of his high school sweetheart. He brings the business experience and the heart of a teacher to each of his clients.
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