$700 of Facebook account management for a $20 experiment

Feb 19, 2014

"FBLikeButton"I’d like to manage your Facebook page for 1 month with an investment of $20 for Facebook advertising. Generally this would cost about $700 for management and running a campaign. Due to changes with Facebook and the increasing need for businesses to pay-to-play I’d like to experiment with your money on how much improved traffic I can generate for just $20 a month investment in Facebook advertising. In order to do this I’ll need to manage all of your Facebook posts for a month. There are definitely details that would need to be covered for the lucky persons selected for this experiment, but those would be part of a complete consulting meeting with the selected business.


  • Must have a Facebook Page (not a profile — if you don’t know the difference you may not be a good candidate)
  • Must have at least 30 followers/likes in their page
  • Must have a website with active content (i.e. blog, portfolio,products, newsletter, etc)
  • Must be willing to spend $20 on advertising with no commitment to continue with management services
  • Must be available to reach for creating content relevant to your page
  • Must be happy with the results even if they’re "mediocre"…this is a test and you don’t always get an A on every test. Experiments fail. Worst case is you improved your reach temporarily.

I’m selecting two businesses. I’d prefer that one sell a service and the other sell a product. Obviously there are businesses that overlap these categories and they would be considered for either category.

Selection will be made on February 28th. Management will run from March 10 – April 10.

To be considered for selection visit my Facebook Page and comment on one of the posts mentioning this offer or go to the Contact Me page and send me a message.

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